Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th October 2024
Thursday - Saturday 10.00am - 4.30pm, Sunday 10.00am - 4.00pm
Warwickshire Event Centre

Information will be updated throughout the year. Last updated 8.4.24

  • 10 1/4" Gauge Society
    The society has been formed to create a forum for the exchange of information, expertise, skills and experience in 10 1/4" and larger scales.
  • 7 1/4'' Gauge Society
    The Society was founded by people with aims different to usual Model Engineering Society. The main aim is to act as communicator between people working in this gauge.
  • Association of Helicopter Aerosports
    The Association of Helicopter Aerosports (AHA) is the specialist body within the BMFA representing all Radio Control Helicopter disciplines and pilots.
  • Birmingham Society of Model Engineers
    The aim of the Society is simple: to bring together people from all walks of life who share a common interest in model engineering and its heritage.
  • Bromsgrove Society of Model Engineers
    Bromsgrove SME based at Avoncroft Museum of Building has facilities for 16mm and gauge 1 models. Meetings are held on Tuesday and Sunday, please visit us on site to speak to a member or visit our website for additional details.
  • City of Oxford Society of Model Engineers
    Members build a variety of models including locomotives, tools, clocks, boats, engines, instruments etc. During the summer, we run our locomotives in a City Park where we offer rides to the public.
  • Coventry Model Engineering Society
    A group of like minded people interested in all things model engineering, specifically model locomotives, both steam and battery powered, traction engines, stationary engines and specialised workshop equipment.
  • Erewash Valley Model Engineering Society
    Primarily railway motive power and rolling stock; some members are building traction engines or stationery engines. Our tracksite, which we own is just under 1 acre in area & features a ground level track and raised track.
  • Federation of Model Engineering Societies
    The Federation was founded to promote and encourage all aspects of model engineering, with the accent on the club/society aspect of the hobby.
  • Gas Turbine Builders Association
    Our aim is to encourage and support the safe design and operation of small gas turbines, either as stand alone units or for the purpose of powering model vehicles.
  • Gauge 1 Model Railway Association
    Gauge One is often described as being a combination of Railway Modelling and Model Engineering. Happily the blend of skills and interests makes for an Association with a flavour all of its own.
  • Gauge 3 Society
    The organisation's aims are to encourage interest and participation in building and running scenic gauge ‘3’ model railways, while encouraging friendly co-operation within the membership by means of informal meetings.
  • Harlington Locomotive Society
    As a model engineering society, we have a broad range of interests within the society, and meet weekly throughout the year.
  • Hereford Society of Model Engineers
    Starting in 1962 as Hereford Live Steamers with 6 members paying £1.50 per week subs. Starting in a members garden and progressing to our site in Hereford in 1994 City Council consider us a major attraction.
  • Knightcote Model Boat Club
    With a membership of over 75, this is one of the largest clubs in the area with private water available dawn to dusk every day. Model boating as it should be!! New Club House, improved facilities.
  • London & North Western Railway Society
    The L&NWR Society is a historical research society catering for all interests, be it serious study to modelling. We became an educational charity in 2005.
  • Melton Mowbray & District Model Engineering Society
    The raised and ground level tracks - 3½”, 5” and 7¼” gauges - are available to members throughout the year. Regular steamings are held on the third Sunday of the month.
  • Midlands Meccano Guild
    Formed in 1967 the Midlands Meccano Guild was one of the first Meccano Clubs formed in the UK aimed at an adult membership. Members have a wide range of interests in Meccano modelling and collecting.
  • Model Steam Road Vehicle Society
    MSRVS cater for steam road vehicles up to 6” scale. We offer technical services & advice. Boiler testing 3 times a year. We also stage an annual rally at Tewkesbury.
  • National 2 1/2 Gauge Association
    The National 2 1/2 Gauge Association was formed in 1975 to halt the declining interest in this historic gauge.
  • Northampton Society of Model Engineers
    Very active and enthusiastic society. Opened extended railways in May 2011 after six-year development programme. Now have ½ mile plus of ground level 7¼/5 inch and 2100 feet of 5/3½ inch raised track.
  • Northern Association of Model Engineers
    NAME is an association of clubs rather than individuals. It was formed in 1945 to “promote, encourage, develop and organise the model engineering movement in the north of England”.
  • Nottingham Society of Model & Experimental Engineers
    The Nottingham Society of Model and Experimental Engineers Ltd was founded in 1929 and is one of the longest established societies in the UK. From humble beginnings, its membership is now in excess of 280.
    Remap is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives. Our network of skilled volunteers design and custom-make equipment free of charge.
  • Society of Model & Experimental Engineers
    Headquarters building is in South London. Our members’ interests cover all the traditional model engineering topics plus a keen interest in the future of the hobby and a desire to see it expand into new subject areas.
  • Stirling Engine Society
    The Society was founded to provide a means for those fascinated by Stirling Engines to make contact, exchange ideas and develop engines for various purposes.
  • The Society of Ornamental Turners
    We were formed in 1948 with the object to encourage, develop and promote the study and practice of the art and science of Ornamental Turning. There are now around three hundred members world-wide.
  • The Young Engineers
    Young Engineers is a small teaching club training young engineers on a one-on-one basis in a small home workshop in Crawley, Hampshire.
  • Train 4 Rail
    A group experienced in the engineering and rail industries, with the mission to highlight and overcome key challenges faced by many organisations by encouraging the education of these core skills.
  • Welwyn Garden City Society of Model Engineers
    Amongst the membership there is a range of interests which includes R/C boats, Straight Running, Steam, Plastic kit models, Electronics, Engineering etc.
  • Wolverhampton & District Model Engineering Society
    Based in Baggeridge Country Park near Wolverhampton. We have a ground level 7 1/4" and 5" track and a raised track for 3 1/2" and 5" gauge locomotives. In addition we have a comprehensive workshop and a meeting room.