Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2020
Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 4pm
Warwickshire Event Centre

All layout information relates to the 2019 show.

  • A Bridge Too Far - Steam
    A Bridge Too Far features the scratch-built representation of the Royal Albert Bridge that was part of “A Tribute to Brunel” built by the Basingstoke Bodgers in the final of Channel 5's Great Model Railway Challenge.
  • Annston - Modern Image
    Annston is a fictitious layout based in Northen England and exhibiting blue era British Rail stock circa 1975-1085. Being end to end there is plenty of shunt/release in both passenger and freight operation.
  • Bercy - Continental
    BERCY evokes the famous wine warehouses of Paris during the 50 years. Pleasant period for rail and commerce. Virtually all the wine from France and its colonies went through these warehouses.
  • Blue is the Colour - Modern Image
    Set in the mid 70’s to 80’s this layout portrays a secondary main line incorporating a branch line junction station, river crossing, wood yard and local brewery on the banks of the river. The stock reflects the Welsh Marches line.
  • Branksdowne Junction - Modern Image
    Branksdowne Junction is a British N Scale 1:148 layout depicting a fictitious location in North West England in the Modern Era. It is the point at which two separate tunnel bores under the rolling Pennines come together.
  • Brook Lane - Modern Image
    A midlands depot under the control of trainload coal serving the trent valley power stations and local coalfields using a variety of loco classes can be seen & an adjacent small yard sees freight traffic and permanent way services.
  • Cucknoe - Steam
    This layout depicts a typical cross country branch line in the summer of 1960. Inspiration came from the former Stratford upon Avon and Midland Junction Railway.
  • Dentdale - Steam
    Dentdale was inspired by the high-altitude moorland sections of the Settle Carlisle Railway. The layout runs from the north entrance of the Blea Moor Tunnel, crosses the Dent Head and Arten Gill viaducts and ends at Dent Station.
  • Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU)
    DEMU is an independent society catering for all modellers of the railways of mainland Britain in the Diesel and Electric era regardless of scale/gauge affiliations or modelling ability.
  • Fellows & Minchin Freight Depot - Modern Image
    This is an imaginary freight depot and the name comes from my maiden name and married names.
  • Hookhills Viaduct - Steam
    Hookhills Viaduct is on the line from Newton Abbot to Kingswear, just north of Churston. The display depicts the line under as auspices of British Railways (Western Region) in the early part of 1962.
  • James Street - Steam
    James Street is a large urban layout set in the period 1958-1962 featuring extensive operation, 4 stations, long trains, four sided viewing, lots of shunting, two loco depots, a large dockyard and no hidden fiddleyards!
  • Kinlochlaggen - Steam
    Based on a rural station somewhere in Scotland. The station has a passing loop and limited freight facilities. Trains frequently pass here and the layout can be operated in the Steam/Green Diesel, BR Blue and Scotrail era.
  • Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society
    The LWMRS is the local model railway club for the area around this show. We model in N-Gauge and scales up to O-Gauge. We meet in a permanent location, with full meetings on Thursdays. Visitors welcome.
  • Leigh St George - Modern Image
    Leigh St George is the name of the fictitious Midlands town of the same name. It is a terminus station on the end of a branch line which in the era of modelling was very busy with passengers and freight trains.
  • Leonard - Modern Image
    An N gauge layout based on a fictional location in the South of England at the end of a busy branch line. Representing Network SouthEast between 1986 and 1994 on the 3rd rail network using ready to run and modified stock.
  • Letherbridge - Modern Image
    Letherbridge - a small place set somewhere in the Midlands. It is set roughly in the 1990s and sees trains operated by central trains and some Virgin trains.
  • Little Aller Junction - Modern Image
    A caricature of the real Aller Junction in South Devon. We run an intensive service using the trains that would have passed through this junction. The time is set as either the summer of 1963 or the summer of 1968.
  • Loch Tat - Modern Image
    Loch Tat is based on the West Highlands of Scotland. Depicting the splendour of Scottish scenery, watch out for the architecture and buildings that are typical for a line built by the North British Railway and the Distillery!
  • Longmoor - Steam
    Based on the historic Longmoor Military Railway, run by the Royal Engineers. The soldiers were trained to build and run railways. Soldiers were sent to Europe after D-Day to rebuild the French railway.
  • Low Yard Junction - Steam
    This a freelance design layout inspired by the Great Central lines in the Nottingham area. It features a double track mainline with passing loop, two branch lines and a loco shed and carriage with sidings.
  • Marx Engels Platz - Continental
    Set in Berlin in the summer of 1990, Marx Engels Platz is a station on the extensive Berlin Stadtbahn (town railway) network between Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz in the east of the German capital.
  • Millfield Depot - Modern Image
    BR Blue period diesel depot in 1977-1980, Using the available DCC sound fitted locos like the Class 40 and others which may be fitted with a few none sound locos. NCE is used for control.
  • Mohawk Loops - American
    Mohawk Loops is an imaginary line in the foothills of the Rockies and depicts present day operations in this part of the USA. The layout depicts a set of passing loops on a single line.
  • Nempnett Thrubwell - Steam
    Villagers of Nempnett Thrubwell look forward to meeting visitors. The home of Worzel Gummidge, the local sunflower competition, down in Nempnett Thrubwell in Dear Old Somerset so the song goes.
  • Pourquoi Pas - Continental
    This is a fictitious tribute that I personally present for my father who was a Lancaster pilot during the war and then worked for the outgoing. It is therefore an evocation of the Crucey base in France with its plane in front of the Hangard.
  • Riddle to Old Town - Modern Image
    This bi-lateral layout is meant to give two layouts in one!. DMUs run from Riddle to Old Town, circa 1960/70 . Diesels can be seen using the re-fuelling depot and for storage.
  • Sketchford - Modern Image
    Sketchford is a modern era dcc layout. Sketchford Station is located in a urban area somewhere on the West Coast Main Line. The station has a regular London Midland service, plus some Cross Country service's stopping.
  • Sutton St Annes - Modern Image
    A small coastal town located along the Fylde coast between Blackpool and Lytham. Although a fictional location, most of the trains are based on services that would have been operating in the area circa 1993.
  • The 2mm Scale Association
    Founded in 1960, the 2mm Scale Association exists to promote finescale modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. Members gain access to our exclusive component range, designed to enable simple and accurate construction.
  • The Early N Gauge Display
    The display celebrates the beginning of N Gauge modelling in the UK covering the period 1967/72 with particular focus on kits produced by Highfield Models and Westwater & Kirk.
  • The N Gauge Society
    We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of N Gauge modellers. We have several thousand members worldwide, and welcome new members, whatever their current skill levels.
  • Two Seasons - British Steam
    Two Seasons is a layout that has 2 different viewing sides. One is a winter scene and the other is a summer scene. Both sides have working lights adding depth to the layout.
  • Waterfall Junction - Steam
    2019 sees the 20th anniversary of this layout. Trains negotiate this single track line passing under the waterfall. Look out for campers, a train spotter, a man with his dog and another one cycling home from work.
  • West Sussex N Gauge MRC - Steam
    A modular layout, with modules 4ft or 6ft long and 12ft to 30 inches in width. The modules have two common main lines-controlled from the main fiddle yard, with the third line controlled from various modules in blocks.
  • West Wick - Modern Image
    Our layout is based from 1990's to present day. It comes with a fiddle yard at one end and a station, harbour and storage yard at the other. The harbour line is running on an auto shuttle and sees a variety of traction.
  • Whartson Hall - Modern Image
    Wharts and all is a cut down version of Water Orton on the Birmingham - Nuneaton Derby line. It depicts the three main lines and local infrastructure.
  • WorldWide Group of the N Gauge Society
    An established group dedicated to further the modelling of railways outside of UK in N scale. Regular and informative good quality magazines with specialist documents available to Members through website.
  • Wormhill - Modern Image
    Wormhill is a continuous run N Gauge layout which is really a condensed version of Peak Forest in Derbyshire. The layout is set in 2000 and the stock is appropriate.
  • Zieikea Ost - American
    Set in the Autumn of 1945 in Allied Occupied German just as the German Army has surrendered to the Allied occupying forces. Depicted is a small-town station with a Goods yard used by German forces for loading tanks, etc.