Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September 2024
Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm
Warwickshire Event Centre

 All information below relates to the 2023 Show.


  • A Nice Layout
    The layout is 18ft long and features a double track main line, a high level electrified branch, mineral branch and narrow gauge industrial line.
  • Bear Creak
    Inspired by a holiday to British Columbia. The essence of Western Canada was captured with lots of trees, rugged scenery and grain trains. There are bears roaming around the layout, take care, you have been warned!
  • Brocolitia
    Brocolitia is a layout in a suitcase with lighting, canal, Roman Ruin and ducks! The Roman ruin is based on the actual Brocolitia; the Temple of Mithras. Its ruins are found in Northumbria, along Hadrian's Wall.
  • Brookthorpe
    A fictitious resort town on the Lincolnshire coast which sees many loco hauled trains throughout the summer along with mainly imported steel freight traffic to the docks accessed via a short branch line.
  • Burdock
    Burdock is a fictional village supposedly along the Golden Valley line between Swindon and Stroud. The station originally began life as a halt, but following growing demands locally for better facilities, a new station was built.
  • Craigillin
    Craigillin is situated on a single track section of the highland main line north of perth, the station consists of an island platform. It is unusual in that the old steam shed and stabling yard is still fully operational.
  • Culthwaite
    'Culthwaite' is an amalgam of Culgaith and Armathwaite on the Settle Carlisle. We run a realistic sequence of trains from around 2010 in minimum space. The layout features working colour light and semaphore signals.
  • Dentdale
    The route from Settle to Carlisle goes through the magnificent Yorkshire Dales, over the 24 arches of the Ribblehead Viaduct before plunging in to the longest tunnel on the line at Blea Moor emerging at Dentdale.
  • Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU)
    DEMU is an independent society catering for all modellers of the railways of mainland Britain in the Diesel and Electric era regardless of scale/gauge affiliations or modelling ability.
  • Dorcross Bay
    This fictitious coastal layout is inspired by the area between Dawlish Warren and Teignmouth. A tunnel is located in the centre of the layout to break the bay up. It is set in the privatisation period from 1997 onwards.
  • Fordon Hill
    Fordon Hill, is a double circuit with 5 sidings (x2 Stations), There is a small town above the railway at one end and a tunnel at the other, with the makings of a small funfair & concert on top.
  • Hatch End
    Based north of London on the main route out of Euston with the Bakerloo underground running parallel to the WCML A/C overhead lines of british rail. The era is 1980s when british rail had a mix of BR blue and the new executive livery.
  • Jones of Taunton
    The model is more of a fictitious large diorama with working N gauge buses rather than a railway layout. A siding on a once large area of former railway land is still owned by a preservation group
  • Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society
    We are pleased to announce that the club have raised sufficient funds to be able to commence the construction of an outdoor 100 meter (approx.) circuit for 32mm & 45mm gauges on land adjacent to our clubhouse. Please visit our stand for more details of the project. LWMRS is the local club closest to this exhibition venue and is now fully operational again with meetings taking place as normal. You can find more information about the club and details of how to find the clubhouse by visiting our website at
  • Lisworth Bay
    LISWORTH BAY is a seaside town set somewhere in the west country during the last decade of steam, 1956-1966. During WWI, the line was extended to serve a nearby ordnance depot.
  • Little Haven TMD
    This depot layout is made up of 2x depot sheds, as well as a wagon repair shop and fuel point. It also has 2x stabling roads. With this layout it has a 4-road fiddle yard to the east end of the layout.
  • Lonestar Treble-O-Electric
    A display of early “Lonestar Treble-O-Electric” models. This will include models & sets made for the US market.
  • Market End
    A small DCC layout with two full working loops and a branch line that runs up to an upper level with a small market and shops. With lots of buildings on the layout that have interior details and lighting adding to the realism.
  • Model Electronics Railway Group
    MERG (Model Electronic Railway Group) is an international, UK based society for people interested in the application of electronics and computing to all aspects of railway modelling.
  • Neepsford Castle
    Neepsford Castle was born out of admiration for the Metcalfe Castle kits. Michelle has had a fascination with Castles since visiting Conisbrough Castle as a child, so when Metcalfe released their Castle kits she knew she had to build one.
  • New Millfields
    "New Millfields is an overhaul of 'Millfields' (which last appeared in 2011) a 24ft, four track mainline set in the BR period 1984-95 with scale length trains"
  • Oberdorf/II
    The location is south west Germany near the French border. Cross border arrangements permit French narrow gauge motive power to visit Oberdorf as well, as there are close ties with its French neighbour Cernay.
  • Peasenhall West MPD
    Peasenhall West M.P.D is a small fictitious locomotive fuelling and maintenance facility set in the modern era. The layout measures just 4’ x 10”, is DC analogue controlled and operated from the front.
  • Scarlington
    A fictional location, Scarlington, in the late 1970s to mid 1980s with a Northern England flavour. The two main bridges are similar to bridges in Newcastle and Sunderland, the buildings influenced by those at Darlington.
  • Silverton
    Silverton is a fictitious place somewhere on the outskirts of metropolitan capital, it is operated in the era`s 1956 through 1965 onwards, where we see a twin track main line with a secondary line going out to the suburbs.
  • Singen
    A fictional Epoch V/VI rural setting in South Germany, a railway with full catenary and plenty of train movement to watch. Railway of the month in Continental Modeller in May 2021, this is Singen's first exhibition appearance!
  • Sugar Creek
    A N Scale North American modern era DCC sound layout roughly based on the triple track section of the B.N.S.F Marceline Sub at Sugar creek Missouri. The tracks see open access to other railroad operators, cSX, UP, NS etc.
  • The 2mm Scale Association
    Founded in 1960, the 2mm Scale Association exists to promote finescale modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. Members gain access to our exclusive component range, designed to enable simple and accurate construction.
  • The N Gauge Society
    We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of N Gauge modellers. We have several thousand members worldwide, and welcome new members, whatever their current skill levels.
  • Vartanakert
    Vartanakert is meant to be not only the one single track railway, operated by old style Russian locomotives and Emu's, that go to Georgia and beyond but the landscape, architecture and historical buildings that abound.
  • Vintage N Gauge
    The Vintage N-Gauge display will focus on Minitrix models planned but not made and early Graham Farish N Gauge models.
  • Whartson Hall
    Built by the members of the West Midlands N Gauge Club to watch the trains go by depicting Water Orton in the West Midlands which is located on the Birmingham & Derby Junction Railway.
  • WorldWide Group of the N Gauge Society
    An established group dedicated to further the modelling of railways outside of UK in N scale. Regular and informative good quality magazines with specialist documents available to Members through website.